Travel Log - Entry # 1

We arrived at Uncle Jeff's place on Wednesday evening. I slept on the way up so that I would be rested when we arrived at midnight. The 3 hour nap did the trick and I was able to entertain Uncle Jeff, Dad, and Mom for a couple of hours once we arrived. I hope they appreciated my efforts.

Not wanting to waste daylight, I woke Mom up at 6am. Uncle Jeff's Direct TV had tons of channels for me to choose from. All the shows, the flipping back and forth, it was captivating really. I could have sat there all day just eating and flipping. I wonder if anyone else has ever felt that way? And why do we only have 8 channels at home? I need to remember to ask Mom and Dad.

As Uncle Jeff left for work Thursday morning, we continued north on IH-35 to Oklahoma City. Our first stop was G-Daddy's office. After brief introductions and leaving footprints on his desk, we headed to the house where Grandma was waiting for us. Grandma pushed me on the swing out back while Dad laid in the hammock. Mom sat around and read a magazine. That is not like her at all. I'm a little worried that she is lonely. I just can't give her all of the attention that she is accustomed to when I have so many people to play with. I gotta spread the "Josh time" around. I hope she understands.

When I woke up this morning, Aunt Liz was here. I hadn't seen her since Christmas; she had changed quite a bit. She seemed a little shorter than I remembered.

Today, I checked out the new floors that G-daddy put in the house. I gave his craftsmanship 4 stars. About 3:30pm we went to the zoo. We didn't see much - it closed at 2pm for a "special event." Quite frankly I'm not sure why our coming from Texas isn't special enough. I really wanted to see the new baby rhino. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow.

That's the inside scoop thus far. I sure miss Shadow, but I know that she is in good hands. Signing off...Josh

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Tsh said...

Josh, I can't believe your mom would enjoy time away from you. What a weirdo.

Tate LOVES Shadow. She's constantly saying "Shao! Shao!" Really. It's nuts.