Goodbye Old Friend

It's been about a week and a half since we said goodbye to our beloved green Saturn, so I think I can post this with minimal risk of Mom bursting into tears. The official grieving period has surely passed, right?

A few weeks ago, Dad hydroplaned into a curb during a rainstorm. He was ok, but the Saturn was not. The front passenger side tire got smashed and bent. The guy who towed it to our house said it was hurt pretty bad. Since Dad had been driving the car without AC for a few years, we all knew this injury would be the end of the road. Mom posted the car on Craigslist and it sold in about 45 minutes. To be honest with you, sometimes Craigslist weirds my Aunt Liz and I out. Don't get me wrong, it has served us well, but the speed at which transactions happen is insane. Do people sit there and wait for broken green Saturns to be posted all day long? We sold the car and it was towed off later that day. Mom had the Saturn from August 1996 to May 2007. That's one long road trip. Goodbye old friend.

The next week Dad and Mom went to Mom's eye doctor appointment while I stayed home with Aunt Steph. They took a long time, so at first I just assumed the doctor was looking at both of Mom's eyes, but then I saw the "new" used car that they bought on the way home. Check it out. It looks like I am in a space ship doesn't it? Well, as much as I wish that were true, it is just a car. Please welcome our new friend into the family. I hope we have a long road ahead of us.


My James Dean Impersonation

I Love My Dad

Josh in.

Whew! It has been a long time since I have posted. I've just been so busy color coding my toys that I can't find the time to sneak out of my crib and get over to the computer. Our new house is smaller, and with the laminate floors that Dad slaved over, you have to be light footed to move about without Mom noticing.

Biggest news first.

[Warning: All the pretty ladies out there better sit down for this.]

I got my hair cut.

A real haircut - not a Mom haircut. (No offense, I love you Mom.) Since Mom was paying for the cut she let them take a lot off. It literally is a weight off of my shoulders!

Next up, my Grammie from CA and Uncle Jeff from DFW came to visit. I don't have any pictures to show you, but just imagine a big smile on my face.

Then, Aunt Stephanie came to see me. She wrote about her trip. We had so much fun just hanging out.

I've also been spending some time feeding the ducks at a nearby park. I practice my "quack quack" every time we drive past the lake. It's my favorite hideout.

So, that's the scoop. Now, I want YOU to have a good night. Josh out.