Sweet Berry Farm

This morning, g-daddy, mom, and I woke up with a sense of adventure and a clear calendar, so we drove out to Sweet Berry Farm. We took the scenic route which was a lot of up, down, and around.
The farm has goats, chickens, horses, and donkeys. And on this particular day, 600 elementary school kids who rode in on super cool buses and quickly took over the entire picnic area. We ate lunch in the back of an old horse trailer. I lost my juice box somewhere in the pumpkin patch. We searched behind the first million pumpkins and gave up. I should have worn a fanny pack.
I'm not kidding when I say that there were pumpkins all over this farm! There were even different colored pumpkins in bins together. I took a few minutes out of my day to reorganize some of the pumpkins for them. White pumpkins in one crate; orange pumpkins in the other. It doesn't take much to give back to the community. Pay it forward.
If you know g-daddy and mom, then you'll appreciate that we only spent $1.50 for our morning of fun and that was for two pumpkins. Heck I would have paid more than that just to ride the school bus. I gave the farm a thumbs up and hope to go back next year during berry picking season.
On the way home I practiced my ABC's over and over and over again, so I'm sure g-daddy and mom both know the alphabet now. Since they were so well behaved at the farm, I suggested that we stop by Brushy Creek Park on the way home. I slid down the slides for about 30 minutes before coming home to crash. It was a pretty good morning.


Camping Trip

We went camping with friends and more friends at Inks Lake last night. I had so much fun and can't wait to go camping again. Here are some highlights.

We gathered wood for a fire that Rocky built. We used the fire to make hot dogs and smores. The fire also helped us with the 40 degree temp drop.

I played with my friends. We played with balls, my wagon, side walk chalk, cars, and acorns.

We watched the sun set over the lake. We also saw people fishing on the lake. The pier was covered with big spiders and spider webs. Mom made us walk down the center so we wouldn't run into the webs.

I made funny faces for mom.

I played football with the boys. Football and camping are a winning combination.

I rode a horse. Mom called me cowboy.

We put our tent up at site 220.

Mom was there too.


Silly Josh

Um...that's not the way I left him on the couch.

Josh found the fudge pop sticks left on the coffee table from the night before.

Sunday is Family Fun Day

Dad, mom, and I have Sundays down pat. After church we race home for a quick lunch and crash.
After we nap, we do something fun together. Sometimes we go swimming, to the playground, to a store, or to a friend's house to play. The latter is what we did this week. I played with my friend Ella's toys. She wasn't very interested in playing with me. Maybe my shirt exuded too much confidence.

After our family outing we go out to dinner. When we get home it is bedtime. Here are a couple of pictures of mom's main men from our most recent dinner at Jason's Deli.

I think Sunday may be my favorite day, generally speaking. This Sunday was the exception since I was called out of nursery with a twice bloody nose.

Tree Stump(ed)


Just Another Day Without You Dad

Another OK day in OK. I'm happy to report that mom is feeling much better. G-mommy brought her some medicine last night and she morphed back into a human sometime in the night while I slept. G-daddy, G-mommy and I got up around 6:30am and played on the swing set again. I think I need a swing set, dad. (Maybe Craigslist?) We ran a couple of errands this morning and then had lunch with Ron at Coney Island. I ate a whole hot dog; Mom ate 2; G-daddy and Ron ate 3! G-mommy stuck with a frito chili pie. When we got home I ran out to the swing set before mom could remind me that it was nap time. Score 1 point for Josh! She eventually found me and I surrendered to a 3 hour nap. Then, I woke up and....can you guess? I went and played on the swing set. After a while mom called me over for dinner on the back porch, which quickly turned into dinner on the swing set. (Did I mention that I'd love to have a swing set at home?) After dinner we told Memaw goodnight and went to the park to feed the ducks and geese, and to SWING! Fortunately, I weighed in 52 pounds under the swings' limit! What kind of babies do they have around here? Miss you, dad!


Dear Dad

I miss you dad. Here's what I did today. This morning g-daddy and I played on the swing set while mom rested. She's pretty sick. She must miss you a lot. G-daddy and I took our morning coffee outside and played cars. After mom got up we went to the park by the library. We fed some really big ducks. Mom called them geese. While g-daddy and I played on the slide and swing, mom checked out some DVDs for me to watch. Those came in handy this afternoon.
After lunch, mom and I went to nap. Mom was pretty beat and said she needed me to let her rest. She said she was too sick for me to mess around. I couldn't really settle down, so after an hour of kicking, she asked me to leave the room. I went and watched my new videos with g-daddy while mom rested. I really wasn't tired anyway.
G-daddy and I went back out to the swing set later in the afternoon. When we came back in, we sat in the recliner for a couple of hours.
I sure wish you were here. I love you dad!