What's Up

I've been working on my vocals. I'd love to get into the studio and throw some tracks down, but it interferes with my naps. I've been thinking about some choreography, too. So far, I have this wiggle, twist, marching routine that adds that special touch when I'm grooving to my ABC's.

Dad's been saying that all the ladies like me for my car. Specifically my Mater mobile. Mom doesn't think that is true - I mean, I've got so much more to offer. I agree. Look here ladies, I've got a bike too. I'm saving up to get a side car for Chickpea.

Don't let the smile fool ya, I've got a nasty virus right now. I'll spare you the details.

Surprise G-Daddy!

Last week Mom and I flew up to OKC to surprise G-daddy for his birthday. While we were there, we...

...read books.

We blew bubbles.

We wore matching shirts to church.

We went to the zoo. I really liked looking at the fish.

I tell you what though, all that fun leaves you plain tuckered out.