18 Months

I turn 18 tomorrow. This is the day Dad and Mom have been talking about since I was born. I hope my college savings is fully funded. I'm not sure whether to join the military or go sign a lease for an apartment. I mean, at the rate Dad and Mom are packing these days I'm fairly certain I'm gunna need to find new digs asap. Huh, asap? The fact that I used "asap" proves I am going through life full steam ahead. 18. Yep. I'm planning to vote in the presidential election next year. I'm gunna write-in Lightning McQueen. He will without a doubt tap Mater to be his VP and all the world's problems will be resolved in about 116 minutes. I love those guys!

So, before I enter this exciting new stage of life, I wanted to recap the last few weeks of my childhood.

I got new shoes. These are my first hard sole shoes. They aren't specifically designed to be bowling shoes, but I'm pretty sure they'll work, and I'm fired up about saving that $2.50 rental down at the lanes.

I older I get the cuter I am. Just the opposite of Wagen.

Here's a side view of my new haircut. Sweet!

You'll rarely find me without a hat these days. I love'em! Some days I require Mom to wear one as well. I don't want her to miss out on the fun. And look closely, I've got my hands full. So many cars and trains, so little time between meals, diaper changes, naps....

The weather has been awesome lately. Lots of time to play outside and get some Vitamin D. Laps across the drive way give me a good cardio workout, too.


Moving Sale

We interrupt Josh's blog for a paid advertisement by Mom.

The following items are looking for a new home. Could it be yours? If you are interested in an item, have a question, or want to make an offer on something, please send an email to: melanie@breadandcircuses.com

Neutral Rug (6x9ish), red upholstered chair, leather sofa, corning ware, a pie dish, a mixing bowl, 4 wine glasses, color printer, 7 candle holder, and 32" TV.


Sunday, Feb. 11th, 4:40pm

Finally. I think I lost a few pounds. I'll probably slide down the growth curve at my 18 month exam.




Clothes on the House

Dad and Mom said today is the day that we clothes on the house. I guess it makes sense since it is so cold outside. But, where do we get clothes for a house? The extra big and tall store? And if we’re gunna put clothes on a house, why are we putting clothes on this one instead of our own? I’m confused, but Dad and Mom seem to know what we are doing, so I’m not asking questions...yet.


Children's Museum

On Monday, we went to the Austin Children's Museum. On Monday mornings they open the museum for children 3 and under. I appreciated not getting run over by bigger and faster kids. We carpooled to the museum with Mom's friend Tamber and my friend Bethany. Bethany was chatty in the car. I kept quiet, smiling and nodding, because I know girls are usually looking for someone to listen. Yes, Bethany is the prettiest girl's name I've ever heard. Yes, your hair looks great up. Yes, you should make pink your signature color - it totally brings out your eyes. Whew!

There was a lot to explore at the museum, but I focused my time on 4 areas: trains, construction, balls, and fish. I had a lot of fun. Maybe we'll get to go back sometime. I bet Dad would like it, too.