Children's Museum

On Monday, we went to the Austin Children's Museum. On Monday mornings they open the museum for children 3 and under. I appreciated not getting run over by bigger and faster kids. We carpooled to the museum with Mom's friend Tamber and my friend Bethany. Bethany was chatty in the car. I kept quiet, smiling and nodding, because I know girls are usually looking for someone to listen. Yes, Bethany is the prettiest girl's name I've ever heard. Yes, your hair looks great up. Yes, you should make pink your signature color - it totally brings out your eyes. Whew!

There was a lot to explore at the museum, but I focused my time on 4 areas: trains, construction, balls, and fish. I had a lot of fun. Maybe we'll get to go back sometime. I bet Dad would like it, too.

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Bethany said...

Thank you for listening to me. My mommy and daddy say that I can talk too much. I think I look very cute when I talk.

By the way, I like your new hair. Wanna come play sometime?