Eye can't believe it.

Proof that the Kipper does in fact have something beneath those eyelids. Thanks for stopping by. See you two same time tomorrow.


Mom and Dad's Christmas Present

Looks like this roughly 22 outta 24 hours of the day.

Name that Baby

Which is which? The top photo is Josh. The bottom photo is Kip. Brothers for sure!

Kip's Birthday

Kip Robert Lloyd was born last Friday, December 19th, at 7:15pm. He weighed 7 pounds and stretched out to 19.5 inches. (2 oz heavier and 1 inch shorter than Josh) We've been blessed with a very content baby and a wonderful little brother for Joshua.

Josh was over the moon when he met his brother on Saturday morning. He left the hospital in tears when he figured out that he couldn't take Kip home with him.

I hope to get more pictures up soon. Stay tuned.


It's been awhile since I posted any eye candy. Here are a few snippets of life with Josh lately.

Here's Josh the thinker.

- Yesterday we were looking for Roman Dunes (No Stall 123's crew chief). I suggested we look in Josh's bed since he occasionally sleeps with a car. I checked the bottom bunk and didn't find Mr. Dunes. Here's the rest of our conversation:

J - Maybe we should check the top bunk?

M- I didn't think you put cars up on the top bunk, Josh?

J- No, I don't. But I like your thinking, Mom!

- Over Thanksgiving weekend we braved the mall. Josh asked to ride on Thomas and we agreed. Typically, "ride" means sit while the machine stays still. However, for the 1st time ever, Josh actually wanted the machine to move. Brian and I were baffled and pulled out some quarters. Josh asked to ride it a second time and Brian quickly agreed telling me, "Consider it $1 invested in his social development."

- Yesterday we had an OB appointment. Josh picked out his own clothes for the day. He really wanted to dress like his dad so he put on his tie. It was all business at the OB's office.

Hopefully that will hold ya'll over for a while until we have some big brother/little brother pictures. We're counting down the days!