Dangers of Small Sample Sizes

It has been fun to watch Josh reason the ways of the world. The sun shines during the day and the moon shines at night. His shoes go on a certain foot. Ya know, the basics. Well, he has also drawn a few inaccurate conclusions due to misleading and small samples. For instance:

Hypothesis No. 1: Boys have blue eyes and short hair.

Josh reinforces this multiple times a day. This isn't true of course, but Josh's data set includes himself, Brian, Brian's identical brothers, and G-daddy. Yep, all boys with blue (or arguably blue green) eyes and short hair. Go figure.

Hypothesis No. 2: Girls have brown eyes and long hair.

Josh came to this conclusion after considering myself, G-mommy, and Aunt Belinda. There are other females in the family that readily disprove this hypothesis, but Josh's belief persists.

Hypothesis No. 3: Only boys eat ice cream.

Josh likes to eat ice cream. Brian likes to eat ice cream. When G-daddy is here, he likes to eat ice cream, too. I don't eat ice cream because of my milk intolerance and G-mommy doesn't eat ice cream because she is following a special diet. Riveting, isn't it? I can only hope he lets go of this notion that only boys are allowed to eat ice cream before he starts dating.

Oddly enough, when he announced his view on permissible ice cream consumption, I followed up with a question about washing dishes, something Josh likes to do and Brian does frequently (without liking it). Without hesitation he said that boys AND girls can wash dishes. Darn.


high maintenance

I think most of you know Josh as the quiet and subdue boy who lays on the floor watching other kids play or maybe sits on the sidelines entertained by other kids' dare devil antics at the playground. True, he is that. But there are other sides to Josh, too. One being the "high maintenance" side. This morning, after going #2, Josh bent over so I could clean off his rear end. This is customary. I think G-daddy instituted this and it has come in handy. As I was cleaning, Josh said, "hurry up mom!" Then, minutes later when we were finishing up the getting dressed process I asked Josh to put on his shoes (which had some dirt from yesterday's adventure in the backyard still on them), to which he replied, "you better clean then first." The glaring lack of "please" and "thank you" aside, he isn't always the quiet and obedient boy that he often comes across as when he is in public. He is high maintenance. Order, cleanliness, and safety are high on his list of priorities. And of course, as I am typing this, I just heard him say, "Excuse me Shadow." Sigh. Are the niceties reserved for the dog - the dog who could care less if he was stuck in a well or forgotten at the store?


Josh is Super Why

Yesterday, when we walked to the mailbox, some kids down the street said hello. I, mom, replied, and Josh remained silent, as expected. A boy tried again saying, “Hi little man.” Then, in a big bold voice that only a two year old super hero can muster up, Josh screamed, “Josh is Super Why!” When we continued to walk around the block, Josh provided an unsolicited introduction to a fellow walker. “Josh is Super Why!”

Here’s what Josh, the super hero, looks like. Josh designed this yesterday. If you are curious, I have been assigned “Wonder Red,” Dad is “Alpha Pig,” and Shadow is “Princess Presto.” Josh will address us by our super hero names for days on end. At least it is more entertaining than the “first name basis” phase he went through.

To the rescue!

Snot Rod

If you are familiar with the movie Cars - and Lord knows we are! - then this may be entertaining to you. Of course in the past 3 weeks of us largely being homebound, we've seen it so often that it is no longer nauseating, just mind numbing.

Disclaimer: The above opinion regarding the movie Cars is limited in nature and does not reflect the opinion of Josh.