I Was Expecting Lumps of Coal....

Conversation in the car today:

Josh: At Christmas time I will get 3 surprises.

Mom: OK.

J: At Christmas time when the baby comes I will get 3 surprises: a Lightning TV, a Mater watch, and a Lightning lamp.

M: So you want a Lightning TV, a Mater watch, and a Lightning lamp with a light bulb for your Christmas surprises?

J: Yes, a Lightning TV, a Mater watch, and a Lightning lamp with a light bulb.

M: Why do you get 3 surprises?

J: Because I will be 3 at Christmas.

M: Will you get 4 surprises when you are 4?

J: Yes.

M: So how many surprises do I get?

J: (Pause)…Why did that bird poop on our car?


Josh is interesting

This morning Josh and I went to an OB appointment. The exam room that we were in didn’t have an ultrasound machine. Josh noticed and asked, “where is the baby TV?

After the OB appointment Josh and I went to a store. He LOVES to try on shoes when there are some in his size. We seriously spend 10-20 minutes trying on shoes whenever we enter a store that has kids shoes. His sensible side shows when he refuses to buy any shoes “because I already have shoes. I’ll get those when my shoes get smaller.” He doesn’t want to try on sandals, only tennis shoes or croc type shoes. Today I asked him if he wanted to try on some small flip flops and he said, “no, flip flops make me nervous.


He likes me! He really likes me!


Ok, so every day when Mom and I go to the mailbox I ask her, "Mom, did Lightning McQueen send me a letter?" Mom always says no -- which is pretty much the answer I expect, but you never know. It can't hurt to ask right?

Well oh-my-freaking-gosh, you'll never guess what happened today. Today we went to the mailbox and....wait for it... Lightning had sent me a letter!

He said he heard I was a big fan and sent me a book with stickers and puzzles and pictures and all kinds of stuff about him.

Apparently, Radiator Springs is located in Oklahoma according to the postmark. Hmmm. Maybe we can visit him next time we go to see G-Daddy.

I am one proud happy boy.