Josh is interesting

This morning Josh and I went to an OB appointment. The exam room that we were in didn’t have an ultrasound machine. Josh noticed and asked, “where is the baby TV?

After the OB appointment Josh and I went to a store. He LOVES to try on shoes when there are some in his size. We seriously spend 10-20 minutes trying on shoes whenever we enter a store that has kids shoes. His sensible side shows when he refuses to buy any shoes “because I already have shoes. I’ll get those when my shoes get smaller.” He doesn’t want to try on sandals, only tennis shoes or croc type shoes. Today I asked him if he wanted to try on some small flip flops and he said, “no, flip flops make me nervous.


Cheng family said...

josh, flip flops make me nervous too.

Rocky and Sunee said...

rocky would agree with you on the flip flop thing. i had to make him by sandals for this summer. he said he could walk on the islands and in the water with his tennis shoes. what a weirdo.

we miss you guys and can't wait to hang out when we get back!

Daryl & Diana said...

Josh is quite interesting. They say quiet waters run deep. I think that's very true with Josh.

J-Man said...

Until recently, Josh has always had a single pair of shoes. He's never been agreeable to having more - why does he need more than one pair? Within the past couple of months his shoe inventory has grown to three - a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of crocs, and a pair of rain boots. How does this reconcile? It dawned on me today, whenever I call his crocs shoes, he corrects me, they are crocs. Same with the boots. So, in his mind, I think he has 3 separate categories of things - shoes, crocs, and rain boots. They are not duplicative. Fascinating.