I Can Explain

Dad didn't put my jersey on until there was only 2:55 left in the game. I can't dress myself, ya know. Maybe someone needs to remind him before next week's game.


Landscape Crew for Hire

My dad and my mom's dad are going to do some landscaping in the front yard next month. I went out today to do an initial survey so that I can prepare my ideas to suggest before they get too far in the planning progress. I hope they let me help out. I have a lot to offer - like moving mulch and manufacturing fresh fertilizer. I even have my own design consultant, Shadow. She knows a good bit about lawns.


Camping...it is so last week. Literally. And it has already been covered by a few of my friends, so just look here, here, here, here, and here. In summary, it was our first family camping trip and we had a super duper time. Even Shadow loved it, though she would appreciate someone picking up one of these for her before our next adventure in the wilderness.


Can I super-size that?

I super sized my doctor's appointment today. I think Mom should be proud of my economization really. Mom took me in to check on my week old cold. She wanted to make sure it was just a cold and that I was fit for travel. We're flying up to Pennsylvania later this week to visit Dad's old stomping ground. We had to wait in the examination room for quite a while, so Mom got out one of my bouncy balls for us to play with. She and I threw the ball around. It can really bounce in a small space! Smiles and giggles filled the room. Then, when I went after the ball...boom...I slipped and face planted into the hard tile floor. AHHHHHH! Mom rushed over to pick me up and comfort me, as usual, but this was no usual fall!
BLOOD! A lot of blood. More screaming. Repeat. I guess since the lips are so vascular they bleed a lot when they are injured. That's just my guess. I mean, I don't really know. I'm only 13 months old. In addition to confirming that my congestion is just a cold and declaring me fit for travel, the doctor also examined my newly injured upper lip. Those darn teeth bit into my lip when I fell, but no lasting damage is expected. Dumb teeth won't stop hurting me. When will the tyranny of the teeth be stopped? My lip swoll up pretty good (just more of me to love, Tate) for a couple of hours, but it is back to normal now.
Mom said the fall only played into her ridiculous complex about being an incompetent mother when at the doctor's office. Once she discovered that I had the world's tiniest yeast infection while waiting for the doctor and another time she took off my bib and scratched my chin with the velcro closure while waiting for the doctor. Maybe I should just find a doctor that doesn't make us wait. The up side is that Mom was impressed that despite us both wearing white shirts we came out of the doctor's office clean. Well, that's what she thought until she changed clothes and saw where I rubbed blood on the back of her shirt. My bad.


Day # 398

It started out as an ordinary day. I woke up, Mom removed me from my cage, I drank some milk, and I puked on Mom. So ok, puking on Mom isn't all that ordinary, but she is quite accustomed to having something undesirable on her each day. Man, have I told you about peeing on her during the service a few Sundays back? John baptized with water, Jesus baptized with fire and the Holy Spirit, and Josh baptizes with....really, it was a mess. Fortunately for Mom we were in the 8am service so hardly anyone was there. So weird, because the music was so good! Mom's shirt was dry before the 9:30am crowd (a.k.a our friends) were around. Please leave a comment if you were wondering why Mom smelled funny.

Ok, back to today. I took my morning nap, which is increasingly becoming known as my only nap. Despite Mom's best efforts and Kenny's cooing, I just can't bring myself to rest in the afternoons lately. There is so much going on. For instance, picnics. Yep, Mom and I had a picnic lunch out on the patio this afternoon. Avocado, watermelon, and cheese make a fine meal for the Josher. Mom also brought out some grapes. When I rejected one she put it in the watermelon bowl. Um, Mom, please! I quickly moved it back to the grape bowl. I must stay organized. I wish Mom would do better at being organized.

This afternoon Mom pushed me in the swing and I started walking. Not walking all alone, but walking more than I've ever walked before. I pushed Mom's chair across the living room. She pulled out the video camera and I did my best to stop walking as quick as I could. I also pushed a walking toy that G-daddy got for me last year around in my room before I went to bed tonight. I kind of like it, but I'm not convinced that it will ever match crawling and scooting. I've got speed with those two.

And last, but not least, I've gotten 5 teeth since turning 1. Look! I'm up to seven now- 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. Thanks for all of your support. I think Dad and Mom's Sunday school class is probably happy to have my teething off of the prayer request list for a few weeks. Cheese!