Day # 398

It started out as an ordinary day. I woke up, Mom removed me from my cage, I drank some milk, and I puked on Mom. So ok, puking on Mom isn't all that ordinary, but she is quite accustomed to having something undesirable on her each day. Man, have I told you about peeing on her during the service a few Sundays back? John baptized with water, Jesus baptized with fire and the Holy Spirit, and Josh baptizes with....really, it was a mess. Fortunately for Mom we were in the 8am service so hardly anyone was there. So weird, because the music was so good! Mom's shirt was dry before the 9:30am crowd (a.k.a our friends) were around. Please leave a comment if you were wondering why Mom smelled funny.

Ok, back to today. I took my morning nap, which is increasingly becoming known as my only nap. Despite Mom's best efforts and Kenny's cooing, I just can't bring myself to rest in the afternoons lately. There is so much going on. For instance, picnics. Yep, Mom and I had a picnic lunch out on the patio this afternoon. Avocado, watermelon, and cheese make a fine meal for the Josher. Mom also brought out some grapes. When I rejected one she put it in the watermelon bowl. Um, Mom, please! I quickly moved it back to the grape bowl. I must stay organized. I wish Mom would do better at being organized.

This afternoon Mom pushed me in the swing and I started walking. Not walking all alone, but walking more than I've ever walked before. I pushed Mom's chair across the living room. She pulled out the video camera and I did my best to stop walking as quick as I could. I also pushed a walking toy that G-daddy got for me last year around in my room before I went to bed tonight. I kind of like it, but I'm not convinced that it will ever match crawling and scooting. I've got speed with those two.

And last, but not least, I've gotten 5 teeth since turning 1. Look! I'm up to seven now- 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. Thanks for all of your support. I think Dad and Mom's Sunday school class is probably happy to have my teething off of the prayer request list for a few weeks. Cheese!


cheryl said...

Josh, you really need to pass on some teething advice to Mallory! She's 18mo. now and STILL only has 4 teeth! She's had two that have looked like they would pop through any day for about 3 months now! There has to be an easier way to get those little buggers through the gums! Let us know if you find any secret formula. We'll try just about anything at this point.

toblerone said...

Ouch, Josh - it sounds like you're about to enter that delightful stage our moms just love called Only One Nap. Tell your mom it's sad and difficult at first, but then it ends up better because she can do more during the day. And that if she can keep you up later and later gradually during the day, you'll end up crashing HARD for just one afternoon nap, like me. And it's actually nicer, because I sleep really really well for 2-3 straight hours. But yeah, that whole transition was a bear for us. She never got anything done. And for some reason, that annoyed her.

And congrats on the teeth! My daddy says you look like Wallace in that last photo. As in Grommit. Don't know if that's a compliment or not. Either way, you're pretty stinking cute.