Can I super-size that?

I super sized my doctor's appointment today. I think Mom should be proud of my economization really. Mom took me in to check on my week old cold. She wanted to make sure it was just a cold and that I was fit for travel. We're flying up to Pennsylvania later this week to visit Dad's old stomping ground. We had to wait in the examination room for quite a while, so Mom got out one of my bouncy balls for us to play with. She and I threw the ball around. It can really bounce in a small space! Smiles and giggles filled the room. Then, when I went after the ball...boom...I slipped and face planted into the hard tile floor. AHHHHHH! Mom rushed over to pick me up and comfort me, as usual, but this was no usual fall!
BLOOD! A lot of blood. More screaming. Repeat. I guess since the lips are so vascular they bleed a lot when they are injured. That's just my guess. I mean, I don't really know. I'm only 13 months old. In addition to confirming that my congestion is just a cold and declaring me fit for travel, the doctor also examined my newly injured upper lip. Those darn teeth bit into my lip when I fell, but no lasting damage is expected. Dumb teeth won't stop hurting me. When will the tyranny of the teeth be stopped? My lip swoll up pretty good (just more of me to love, Tate) for a couple of hours, but it is back to normal now.
Mom said the fall only played into her ridiculous complex about being an incompetent mother when at the doctor's office. Once she discovered that I had the world's tiniest yeast infection while waiting for the doctor and another time she took off my bib and scratched my chin with the velcro closure while waiting for the doctor. Maybe I should just find a doctor that doesn't make us wait. The up side is that Mom was impressed that despite us both wearing white shirts we came out of the doctor's office clean. Well, that's what she thought until she changed clothes and saw where I rubbed blood on the back of her shirt. My bad.


step said...

hmm...makes me wonder if my grandpa was right about tripping on a pouty lip.

i hope you have a great time in steeler town, josher.

toblerone said...

Hey, no worries, Josh. My mom said she could count on one hand the times I've drawn blood from my lips - counting Vietnamese-style, that is. As in, they count using their knuckles, not their fingers. Just something weird and random she's learned this week at this thing we're at. So in other words, it happens to me all the time too. I hope you feel better. And tell your mama that she's doing a great job raising you.

Say hi to your parents from my parents!