Thinking Inside the Box

So Mom and Dad got a new bike rack for the garage. Pretty boring huh? Well, lucky for me it came in one sweeeeeeeeeeeet box. Nothing like that new box smell. Mmmmm-mmmmmh!

I like it so much, sometimes I take a pillow in and lay down to take a rest and think some. Know what I'm thinking? "Man I wish I had a bigger box!"


Geaux Tigers!

May I be so bold to say victory will be sweet tonight!

While making cookies, I put on the sprinkles. Can you find my cookie? With this particular cookie, I asked mom, "Is this too much? Too much sprinkles?"


King of the Castle

Ladies, looking for a prince (the royal kind, not the Purple Rain kind)? Well it just so happens that I'm kickin' off the new year with a new haircut and a sweet new swinging bachelor pad.

That's right, thanks to my good friend Nini (color=blue), I have my own castle, complete with four towers and a drawbridge. It's a color-me castle, which means neither the exterior nor the interior decorating has yet been done, so my princess will be able to select the design that suits her the best.

As long as the queen (mom) approves.