Keep the Good News Coming...

Disney announced Wednesday that the Pixar sequel Cars 2 will race into theaters a year earlier than planned. Originally slated for release during the summer 2012, the pic will instead bow in the summer of 2011.

Summer 2011. Less than 3 years away. So, like, double my lifetime. Crap. That seems like a long time.

Cars 2 should carry my obsession through elementary school. I'm pretty sure Mom is hoping for a Cars 3 and Cars 4, too, so that I'll be well distracted from noticing girls until after high school. You don't think such an extended Cars obsession could hamper my ability to talk to girls, do you? Wow. It's all part of a master plan. Does Mom have stock in Pixar?


On a lighter note

You know you have gestational diabetes when…

…you don’t lick your fingers after helping your son with his honey bun because you don’t want to waste a carb serving.

…you have to stop yourself from eating the stale graham crackers that have been left on the table all day long.

…you test your friends’ blood sugar for fun – and it’s still lower than yours after they’ve enjoyed some nutella and cookies.

…you try to eat your sugar-free jello without your son noticing so that you don’t have to share.

…you question your husbands love for you when he eats within 2 hours of a meal or sits down with a pile of pixie sticks.

…you often say, “That looks good. I’ll eat some next year.”

…you consider cherry tomatoes "the new grape.”

…you let go of your frugal ways and buy 6 packs of low carb bagels for $5 a pop so you can at least have ½ a bagel for a snack.

...you can't read a book about Cookie Monster being in a bakery without getting a brief stabbing pain in your chest.


Three Looks Good on Me!

I turned 3 almost 3 weeks ago. It was quite an event. G-daddy, G-mommy, PapPap, Grammie, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Liz all came into town to celebrate with me. Nini, Cody, Claire, Art and Catherine came over as well. Even Shawn and Shannon stopped by. The abundance of playmates was AWESOME!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but must add three notes:

First, I gotta give props to Grammie and PapPap for wearing yellow shirts at my party! I can dig it!

Second, what is up with Claire making out with my Baby Josh doll? Is that what girls do? Claire, babe, I don't know what kind of parties you've been going to!

Third, one of my gifts - really a gift to all mankind - is that Mom finally donated the "Project Exploration" shirt that she is wearing in the picture below. She's had that thing since elementary school. That's just not cool "old school."

I loved having everyone around for my birthday. That was hands down the best gift of all!


My personal stylist

Josh's interest in my attire is curious, at the very least. Today, after getting dressed, I walked into the living room and the following conversation ensued.

J: That’s NOT fine Mom!

M: What’s not fine?

J: Your clothes.

M: Why?

J: Because I want you to wear yellow.

M: I don’t have any yellow clothes.

J: Yes, you do. You have a yellow shirt in your closet. It is yellow with clown hands on it.

For the record, the shirt that I had on had yellow on it but was unsatisfactory because it was not entirely yellow. I didn't change my clothes and everyone survived.