My personal stylist

Josh's interest in my attire is curious, at the very least. Today, after getting dressed, I walked into the living room and the following conversation ensued.

J: That’s NOT fine Mom!

M: What’s not fine?

J: Your clothes.

M: Why?

J: Because I want you to wear yellow.

M: I don’t have any yellow clothes.

J: Yes, you do. You have a yellow shirt in your closet. It is yellow with clown hands on it.

For the record, the shirt that I had on had yellow on it but was unsatisfactory because it was not entirely yellow. I didn't change my clothes and everyone survived.


aunt step said...

the yellow clown shirt IS classic, but maybe you should explain that sometimes we have to wash our clothes when we wear them a few days in a row. :)

Cheng family said...

Cody tries a different approach:
"Mama, can you match me. Can you wear blue?" (he's wearing green. I guess he means can I match by wearing my color.)
"Mama, you look so pretty in this shirt." (a blue one)