On a lighter note

You know you have gestational diabetes when…

…you don’t lick your fingers after helping your son with his honey bun because you don’t want to waste a carb serving.

…you have to stop yourself from eating the stale graham crackers that have been left on the table all day long.

…you test your friends’ blood sugar for fun – and it’s still lower than yours after they’ve enjoyed some nutella and cookies.

…you try to eat your sugar-free jello without your son noticing so that you don’t have to share.

…you question your husbands love for you when he eats within 2 hours of a meal or sits down with a pile of pixie sticks.

…you often say, “That looks good. I’ll eat some next year.”

…you consider cherry tomatoes "the new grape.”

…you let go of your frugal ways and buy 6 packs of low carb bagels for $5 a pop so you can at least have ½ a bagel for a snack.

...you can't read a book about Cookie Monster being in a bakery without getting a brief stabbing pain in your chest.


cheryl said...

cute post. sorry it's all too true for you. HANG IN THERE...you're doing awesome! just 14 more weeks! :o)

Rocky and Sunee said...

what kind of friends would eat nutella and cookies in front of you?? that's just wrong ;)

Cheng family said...

It's just wrong that you have gestational diabetes. You're doing a great job taking care of yourself and the baby. At least you can keep reminding yourself that it is for the baby...