Three Looks Good on Me!

I turned 3 almost 3 weeks ago. It was quite an event. G-daddy, G-mommy, PapPap, Grammie, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Liz all came into town to celebrate with me. Nini, Cody, Claire, Art and Catherine came over as well. Even Shawn and Shannon stopped by. The abundance of playmates was AWESOME!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but must add three notes:

First, I gotta give props to Grammie and PapPap for wearing yellow shirts at my party! I can dig it!

Second, what is up with Claire making out with my Baby Josh doll? Is that what girls do? Claire, babe, I don't know what kind of parties you've been going to!

Third, one of my gifts - really a gift to all mankind - is that Mom finally donated the "Project Exploration" shirt that she is wearing in the picture below. She's had that thing since elementary school. That's just not cool "old school."

I loved having everyone around for my birthday. That was hands down the best gift of all!


aunt step said...

i will miss you, project exploration shirt.

Cheng family said...

It was a wonderful birthday party. At least Claire was kissing the doll, rather than the real thing!