Casa Verde's Deck - Day 2

Tim and Tom put in another hard day's work. They drilled and secured some boards into the slab this morning. It was VERY loud - inside and out. I spent a good chunk of the morning holding Mom's hands over my ears and threw in the occasional screaming episode. No one enjoyed themselves. Eventually, Mom decided that we needed to run to HEB to stock up on the soymilk/free toilet paper promotion that ended today.

Thankfully, the afternoon was much quieter. It is easy to get an idea of the size of the deck now that the basic framing is up.

You walk out the back door...

...and then turn the corner...

and then it ends right before you get to my window.

Tomorrow should be more framing, setting deck blocks, and moving the gutter. Stay tuned.


A Better One of the Front

Not quite epic, but getting there (and lot cheaper).

Casa Verde's Deck - Day 1

Last year prior to moving into our house Dad shaved several years off of his life by fixing up the interior of our house. Mom suggested that 2008 be the year of the exterior. Dad shrugged, saw his life pass before his eyes, and agreed. Today, was day 1 of the new deck. Fortunately, Dad is not building the deck, he is merely financing it. He and Mom decided they could pay someone to build the deck or Dad could build it and all the money saved could go toward marriage counseling. They chose the former and our deck is being built by our friend Tim, who happens to be our friend's brother and who also built decks for two other friends. He's awesome.

It was a short working day today, but the backyard already looks really different. Tim says the deck should be built by early next week, weather permitting. Did someone say party?

Oh, and did you notice that the house is now green. Well, parts of it are. Dad and I - mostly Dad - have been painting it on the weekends. G-daddy helped one weekend too. The house is green for G-daddy with white trim for G-mommy. I'm trying to talk Dad and Mom into painting the doors yellow for Josh.

I'll keep you posted.