what's going on?

I need sleep far more than I need blog posts, but I thought I'd quickly share some of the goings on around here.

Josh LOVES preschool. He goes two days a week but asked if he could go everyday. Yes, I am that boring. There are 11 other kids in Josh's class. Each child has a numbered cubby. Not surprisingly, Josh has memorized each kid's cubby number. This morning when I dropped him off, a little girl walked past us and Josh said, "Mom, there's #9." No Josh, her name is Cora. We're all excited that he enjoys his class and is socializing with the kids more each week. The downside to preschool: Josh misses his brother.

Today I asked Josh to explain to Kip how he will get teeth. Josh told Kip that someone will take their teeth out and bring them to Texas and put them in Kip's mouth. Clearly, my dad's mom's dentures made a lasting impression on Josh.

Yesterday Josh asked me why Jesus had to die and if he was one of the mean people who made Jesus die. Wow. It was a cool discussion that I hope will be continued. I'd love to know how he processes it all.

Kip isn't sleeping in his reflux contraption anymore. He likely doesn't have reflux at all (yay!), but instead had refluxish symptoms caused by protein intolerance. It seems Mr. Kip can't digest certain proteins right now - he should outgrow it. I've removed dairy, eggs, and soy from my diet, which has helped and will need to remain out for at least 4 more months, but there is more in my diet that is causing him trouble. The pediatrician (per the GI doctor) advised me not to investigate the "other" too much as it often results in malnourished and depressed moms. I can soooo see that in just our few short weeks of food journaling. I think all our babies should have the middle name "trouble." Or maybe "mystery."

Kip recovered from his vaccinations. After a 6 hour nap on Sunday afternoon he was all smiles again. So, I'm smiling again, too.

Brian is surviving the session. He's sitting in hearings, analyzing bills, wearing a suit everyday...ya know, making sausage. We all look forward to June.

Oh, the baby calls.



Since getting his 2 month vaccines, Kip has been fussy. Not the mild fussiness that the papers that the nurse hands you warn about, but nearly non-stop crying if he is awake fussiness. He does quiet down for short intervals when he naps or we temporarily find the right balance of patting, pacing, and swaying. I'm sure it will pass.

This afternoon, as I held a crying Kipper, Josh came over and said, "Kip, you can always ask God to help. Just say, "God, please help me stop crying" and He will help you." Then Josh put his hand on Kip's head and said the above request for him. (Josh has a certain way of making Kip "talk.")

What a sweet lesson for him to teach his brother. How awesome to see that Josh has the confidence that he can always ask God for help. It was a nice moment in the midst of a trying couple of days.



For the past several weeks, we have referred to Kip as "Kippopotamus." He surprised us with his weight gain every time we took him to the doctor's office. Well, when you look at the record books, it seems he isn't so big after all.

Kip at 2 months:

11lb, 13 oz (4lb, 13 oz gain from birth)

22.25 inches

Head is 75th %

Josh at 2 months:

12lb, 14 oz (6lb gain from birth)

23.5 inches

Head is 75th %

Kip is indeed the "little" brother. I suppose an apology is in order. Sorry Kip. We'll stick to Kippernicus and Kipper from now on.