Since getting his 2 month vaccines, Kip has been fussy. Not the mild fussiness that the papers that the nurse hands you warn about, but nearly non-stop crying if he is awake fussiness. He does quiet down for short intervals when he naps or we temporarily find the right balance of patting, pacing, and swaying. I'm sure it will pass.

This afternoon, as I held a crying Kipper, Josh came over and said, "Kip, you can always ask God to help. Just say, "God, please help me stop crying" and He will help you." Then Josh put his hand on Kip's head and said the above request for him. (Josh has a certain way of making Kip "talk.")

What a sweet lesson for him to teach his brother. How awesome to see that Josh has the confidence that he can always ask God for help. It was a nice moment in the midst of a trying couple of days.


Daryl & Diana said...

So sweet. Brynna leaves the house and stands on the front porch when Lane gets real fussy.

J-Man said...

Understandable, Brynna. Typically Josh asks, "why are you crying so loud? Don't ya know you are hurting my ears?" I guess this was one of his finer moments.