THAT kid

Do you remember that kid in elementary school who would turn his eyelids inside out and drink milk through his nose? Yea, sad, I think that may be Josh. He's already pulling his eyelids away from his eyes and asking, "Can you do this?" Boys are so weird. Hopefully he and his brother will understand each other when I cannot.


Josh's Little Brother

Affectionately referred to as "Octane Gain" by Josh. We're likely to settle on a different name when it comes time to fill out the birth certificate.

Oops!...I did it again!

We've long suspected that I would develop gestational diabetes with this pregnancy as I did when I was pregnant with Josh. A small part of me hoped that I may escape the diagnosis, but a much larger part of me has been on the look out for it to onset. Diana gave me a heads up that I should start checking my blood sugars as soon as 20 weeks along, so I borrowed Marti's glucose meter and started right at 20 weeks. All good. Wow! I decided to take a break from testing. My fingers hurt.

I resumed testing at 22 weeks and the results were entirely different. In retrospect, the second half of week 21 did exhibit signs of diabetes. Last weekend, after lunch at Firehouse subs (a.k.a a carb crazy lunch) I checked my blood sugar - game on! I immediately started to follow my diabetic food plan from 3 years ago and within a couple of days felt a lot better. Thankfully my blood sugar is currently controlled by diet alone. I had an OB appointment today, so last night, to ensure that I really am diabetic, I performed my "Wendy's #1 Combo Meal" test. I blew that one out of the park! My blood sugar was 171 two hours after the meal (the goal is to be less than 120). I spent the next 30 minutes walking laps around the house to lower my blood sugar before bedtime.

Since I masterfully proved my diabetic status, my OB is allowing me to skip the glucose test and is accepting the diagnosis of gestational diabetes without further testing. Although I'll miss that last sweet drink in the lab, I am thankful that I can avoid a long lab visit with Josh and will not have to work at bringing my blood sugar down after the test. Honestly, the way that I feel when my blood sugar is too high is motivation enough to stick to the diet. Of course, that doesn't stop me from planning my post-delivery feast. With Josh it was a 14 inch Delaware sub. We'll be in a different hospital with different restaurants nearby this time so I'll have to find something else. I could always repeat the "Wendy's #1 Combo Meal" test. Yummy!

Today, as I thought about the next 18-20 weeks of low-carbing it up, I thought about my pregnancy with Josh. I entered a contest with Dryer's Ice Cream and won enough ice cream for a 100 person block party. In the summer of 2005, 8 months pregnant, I served ice cream in our driveway to our neighbors. It was so funny because I couldn't eat a spoon full of it due to the diabetes and my milk allergy. I wonder what ironic circumstances we will experience this go round. Back to my carrot sticks....


Even better than new potties!

I (mom) have battled (no overstatement there) Iritis for 8.5 years. In short, iritis is the inflammation of the iris, which is the colored part of your eye that is a muscle that dilates the pupil and is attached to the lens. It causes terrible pain and sensitivity to light, in addition to a host of other potential problems. Then again, the treatment has its own issues. Moving on to the point here , today at my check-up, for the first time in who knows how long, my eyes were FREE of inflammation. Not one cell of inflammation lingering. Nope. None. Zip. Zero.

Wow! This has happened less than a handful of times since the iritis onset in 2000. I may flare again tomorrow or in 6 months, but right now, I'm free and clear! Though my current daily treatment will not change, if all continues well, I have been released from the doctor until November! (Typically, I see him monthly, if not weekly.) This is a blessing to be celebrated. Probably even a bit bigger than the new toilets.


Toilet Timeline

Our master bath toilet has required Brian to creatively repair it numerous times. Today, the insides collapsed. Here's the amazing tale of God's provision.

1:30pm: I call Brian asking for advice on the toilet. Something snapped, it wouldn't stop running, and the tank was nearly overflowing.

1:50pm: Brian comes home to take a look at the toilet and pronounces it DOA. We could get it fixed for $75 with our home warranty, but replacing the dingy 23+ year old toilet seemed like a better use of money. Let's review what the city has to offer.

2:00pm: I call the city to ensure their free toilet program is still in effect, the 7-10 day turn around on receiving the toilets is accurate, and review the procedure for procuring our new water efficient potties. The city says we can come down and get vouchers and pick up our toilets immediately - no 7-10 day wait!

2:20pm: Josh and I are on our way downtown with our free toilet application in hand.

3:00pm: We have our free toilet vouchers (and free parking downtown).

3:30pm: Our free toilets are loaded into our car.

3:45pm: On the way home I called the plumber recommended by the toilet supplier for a price quote. Less than I expected and he can stop by on his way home to Round Rock tonight.

5:10pm: The plumber arrives. He's personable, clean, and reveals no crack.

6:45pm: Two new toilets and shut off values installed. Old toilets hauled off.

Seriously, are you blown away? Five hours! God definitely cares about the details of our lives. Even more, the city will reimburse us for part (more than half) of the installation so we'll end up paying $100 for 2 new 1.28 gallon per flush toilets INSTALLED! And we're gunna save money on our water bill. I love the city's conservation and efficiency programs! This pregnant mom says thank God for our new potties!


Kickin' It in Cali

Catching some rays at the beach.

Racing Dale v.s. Dale Jr. at Uncle TJ & Aunt Dawn's

Helping Bob in his workshop.

Loving every minute with PapPap, Grammie, and my cousins.

Tommy and I have been racing buddies all week long!