Toilet Timeline

Our master bath toilet has required Brian to creatively repair it numerous times. Today, the insides collapsed. Here's the amazing tale of God's provision.

1:30pm: I call Brian asking for advice on the toilet. Something snapped, it wouldn't stop running, and the tank was nearly overflowing.

1:50pm: Brian comes home to take a look at the toilet and pronounces it DOA. We could get it fixed for $75 with our home warranty, but replacing the dingy 23+ year old toilet seemed like a better use of money. Let's review what the city has to offer.

2:00pm: I call the city to ensure their free toilet program is still in effect, the 7-10 day turn around on receiving the toilets is accurate, and review the procedure for procuring our new water efficient potties. The city says we can come down and get vouchers and pick up our toilets immediately - no 7-10 day wait!

2:20pm: Josh and I are on our way downtown with our free toilet application in hand.

3:00pm: We have our free toilet vouchers (and free parking downtown).

3:30pm: Our free toilets are loaded into our car.

3:45pm: On the way home I called the plumber recommended by the toilet supplier for a price quote. Less than I expected and he can stop by on his way home to Round Rock tonight.

5:10pm: The plumber arrives. He's personable, clean, and reveals no crack.

6:45pm: Two new toilets and shut off values installed. Old toilets hauled off.

Seriously, are you blown away? Five hours! God definitely cares about the details of our lives. Even more, the city will reimburse us for part (more than half) of the installation so we'll end up paying $100 for 2 new 1.28 gallon per flush toilets INSTALLED! And we're gunna save money on our water bill. I love the city's conservation and efficiency programs! This pregnant mom says thank God for our new potties!


Wilcoxson said...

that is awesome. It is amazing how sometimes the "tree huggers" actually make our lives good. Congratulations on the the fact that you got a plumber at your house on the same day. That is definitely an act of God; usually the turn-around is more than 48 hours. So you must be on the good list for right now with God. lol

aunt step said...

so proud of your efficiency!! and hooray for the quickness and no crackness of the plumber!

want to know how you can save more? at our hippie house, we have a grey water flush "system" in the second bathroom. a 5 gallon bucket collects the sink drain water, then we use that to flush the toity. course, being preggers and all, i can't imagine you'd want to be lugging around a 5 gallon bucket every time you want to flush. which will be, what, every five minutes once baby lightning starts pressing on your bladder?

Daryl & Diana said...

I don't know Mel, what fun is a crackless plumber?

Cheng family said...

Hooray for God's goodness! He must knows how much you need a working toilet.

Cynthia said...

I saw that program listed on our bill - and wondered how efficient it was! Good to know! Even more of a reason for us to find a house within the city limits.