The Princess Diaries

Mom: OK Josh, let me get dressed and we'll go run our errands.

(Returns in T-shirt and shorts)

Josh: Uhhhh, no. You should wear a pretty dress.

Mom: OK. How about I wear the dress I wore yesterday? (not really asking, telling)

Josh: No, you should wear a pretty dress. (Burn!) I want you to wear the one with flowers on it.

Mom: Well, that dress is for when the baby is bigger and my stomach is bigger. It's too big for me now. (Pulls out another dress.) How about this one?

Josh: Sure. (Pronounced thure).

(Mom puts on new dress.)

Josh: Now you should twirl around.

(Mom twirls.)

Josh: That's a really pretty dress. Dresses are for princesses too!

Mom: Am I a princess?

{interjection -- Dad has not yet explained to Josh that there is only one correct answer to that question}

Josh: No, you're a mom. {also known as the wrong answer}

Josh: Princesses only twirl, they don't walk. Can you twirl again?

(Mom twirls again.)

Josh: Your dress sure gets big. It might not fit through the door.

Mom: Let's just go.

{Dad: Princess.... maybe not... Honored Queen.... YES INDEED!!!}


cheryl said...

Too funny! ;o)

Cheng family said...

so, so funny.
ok, you can't just post the last picture without an explanation! what is it from?

J-Man said...

You have to work for it. I can't give you such a juicy tidbit about mom without you putting out some effort to sleuth it out yourself.

aunt step said...


pulling out the secret pictures...dad, you'd better watch your back. i'm just sayin'. beware of those iyob filiae watchdogs.

oh, the stories i could tell. did you see that crown? did you see how dainty and pretty it is, not at all gaudy? compared to, say, this nasty gold thing [http://pictopia.com/perl/get_image?provider_id=494&size=550x550_mb&ptp_photo_id=3052863] (via google). yeah, mom had to WORK for that crown.

(i think mom would rather be jasmine, anyway, from what i remember.)

Rocky and Sunee said...

awesome post.

toblerone said...

1. Agreed. You have to explain that last picture.

2. Chickpea was on my lap when I was reading your post aloud to Kabob. She saw the photo and said, "Hey! Josh's mommy is Cinderella!" Poor, confused soul.

J-Man said...

C'mon people, a little effort here. Geez. I mean, what's the point of your mom being in a secret society if you just flat out tell everyone about it? Hint: Job 42:15.