Super Big Boy

On Wednesday, Josh and I joined some friends for a dip in Hamilton Pool. Josh enjoyed splashing around in the shallow parts of the pool, however, my proudest moments were in the getting to the pool and back to the car. There is a 1/4 mile hike from the parking lot down into the canyon to get to the pool. The trail only allows foot traffic. I suspected that I would end up carrying Josh for most of the hike since it is rough terrain and he isn't much for "danger." I even brought the sling just in case. Josh surprised me though. I threw out the "you're a big boy" card and he took it. He hiked all but maybe 10 feet (which was a very steep section going in) of the half mile trek. He even fell three times, scraped his knees, and got back up. We weren't going quickly by any means, but he took one of my hands, and one step at a time, and he made it. It was so not a Josh thing to do. It was scary and dangerous and uncomfortable. I'm so proud of him. He even wants to go back! He is becoming a super big boy.

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Cheng family said...

I wish we could have gone with you guys. But I would have been carrying Claire and chasing after Cody. Or carrying them both. Maybe we can go in a few years together.