King of the Castle

Ladies, looking for a prince (the royal kind, not the Purple Rain kind)? Well it just so happens that I'm kickin' off the new year with a new haircut and a sweet new swinging bachelor pad.

That's right, thanks to my good friend Nini (color=blue), I have my own castle, complete with four towers and a drawbridge. It's a color-me castle, which means neither the exterior nor the interior decorating has yet been done, so my princess will be able to select the design that suits her the best.

As long as the queen (mom) approves.


toblerone said...

Is he okay with pink and purple? Because that's all Chickpea likes right now. It's like those colors are wired into Girl DNA or something.

J-Man said...

If by "okay" you mean "loves them" then yes, he is okay with them. In fact, his Lightning McQueen sunglasses broke today, an it was quite the effort to get him to pick a new pair other than the pink Dora the Explorer kind. That's our little guy.