Camping Trip

We went camping with friends and more friends at Inks Lake last night. I had so much fun and can't wait to go camping again. Here are some highlights.

We gathered wood for a fire that Rocky built. We used the fire to make hot dogs and smores. The fire also helped us with the 40 degree temp drop.

I played with my friends. We played with balls, my wagon, side walk chalk, cars, and acorns.

We watched the sun set over the lake. We also saw people fishing on the lake. The pier was covered with big spiders and spider webs. Mom made us walk down the center so we wouldn't run into the webs.

I made funny faces for mom.

I played football with the boys. Football and camping are a winning combination.

I rode a horse. Mom called me cowboy.

We put our tent up at site 220.

Mom was there too.

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toblerone said...

Looks like it was fun! Sorry to have missed it.