Just Another Day Without You Dad

Another OK day in OK. I'm happy to report that mom is feeling much better. G-mommy brought her some medicine last night and she morphed back into a human sometime in the night while I slept. G-daddy, G-mommy and I got up around 6:30am and played on the swing set again. I think I need a swing set, dad. (Maybe Craigslist?) We ran a couple of errands this morning and then had lunch with Ron at Coney Island. I ate a whole hot dog; Mom ate 2; G-daddy and Ron ate 3! G-mommy stuck with a frito chili pie. When we got home I ran out to the swing set before mom could remind me that it was nap time. Score 1 point for Josh! She eventually found me and I surrendered to a 3 hour nap. Then, I woke up and....can you guess? I went and played on the swing set. After a while mom called me over for dinner on the back porch, which quickly turned into dinner on the swing set. (Did I mention that I'd love to have a swing set at home?) After dinner we told Memaw goodnight and went to the park to feed the ducks and geese, and to SWING! Fortunately, I weighed in 52 pounds under the swings' limit! What kind of babies do they have around here? Miss you, dad!

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aunt step said...

forget the swingset, what you need is a flock of geese! dad's not allergic, is he?