A Baker's Dozen of Things I've Learned

  1. Our neighbor Rhonda is a talented photographer. Or maybe I'm just that good lookin'.
  2. Touching the electric outlets gets Dad and Mom pretty excited even though they're covered (thanks Dad). Of course, judging by my experience grabbing the cell phone and remote control, they'll give up after I touch them 7 kerjillion times.
  3. It is better to drop your toy in the toilet prior to going pee and poo rather than after.... er... or so I've heard.... I wouldn't know...
  4. Even when I sit on the toilet, I can pee on Mom. Apparently that's not cool.
  5. I like raisins.
  6. I like feeding raisins to Dad. He said something about only a matter of time before I can go get him a beer. I'm ok with that, but I think having to pour it into his mouth and massage his throat so he has to do absolutely no work at all is a little much.
  7. I don't like iron drops. I would rather lick Shadow's butt. Shadow would rather I take the iron drops. Stalemate.
  8. You shouldn't lay on top of Shadow because she doesn't announce when she's gunna stand up, which will cause you to fall over.
  9. In that same vein, this gravity thing is fascinating. No matter how many times I grab a bunch of rice puffs, hold them out, and let go, they fall to the ground. I'm pretty sure I can get them to levitate, but I think it'll take much, much, much more practice.
  10. Having your blood drawn hurts less when Dad is holding you.
  11. Dad can back the car out of the garage in one turn. Mom needs about 17. It's just like the scene in Austin Powers. Hilarious.
  12. Tate - I checked, and it is still not ok to play in Shadow's water bowl. I'll let you know when that changes.
  13. When we take a three hour car trip, Mom and Dad have the choice of (A) leaving around my bed time, in which case I will sleep the whole time, but will promptly wake up when we reach our destination, and play until about 2 AM, or (B) leave around nap time, in which case I will sleep for 1 to 1.5 hours, and fuss and cry the rest. What's a Catch-22?


Tsh said...

Oh my goodness, that cannot. get. any. CUTER!! That is an awesome picture. You should seriously enter that into some contest. Wow! I'm impressed. Oh, and Tate still talks about Shadow. The other day, when my parent's dog nearly knocked her over with his hyperactivity, Tate started mumbling, "Shao. Shao." As in, "Oh, why can't you be sweet and gentle like Shadow?"

sarah said...

what an adorable photo!! such a babe! you sure are learning a lot kiddo, but i don't know if it's possible to learn how to look any cuter :)