My Eyes May Be Blue, But They Are Not Sad!

No, quite the contrary. My eyes are very happy and healthy. At least, that's what the optometrist said. This morning I went for my first FREE eye exam. Yep, free! InfantSEE is a program that provides free eye exams for babies 6-12 months. The doctor shined a bunch of different lights in my eyes and waved some silly puppets around while I sat in Mom's lap. He said that my eyes look good on the inside, that my peripheral vision is excellent, and that I'm a little farsighted, which is actually normal for someone of my vintage. I'll have my next exam when I am 3.

In other news, I'm a traveling man. See that speck of carpet in the lower corner of the picture? That's the carpet that I play on downstairs. Wait, correction, playED on. Now, the whole house shall be mine! Only problem with traveling so far is that I'm stuck in reverse. I'm still working some kinks out in this crawling thing. Please don't make fun of the beeping when I go in reverse - its for safety's sake. Until all gears are engaged - BEEP - I mean, bye!


Tsh said...

OOOOHHHHHH man, Josh - your parents are in for a whole new stage of parenthood. Tell them to kiss goodbye the days of actually getting anything done. It's kinda sad and frustrating at first, but there are some really fun things about it for them. Just wait until you can walk, so you can do things like drop nail polish bottles in the toilet, or pull all the paper out of the printer and jam a plastic easter egg in there instead. Fun times ahead for you!

step said...

josh - your great aunt whooie (as her other grand neices/nephews call her) had an eye exam yesterday, too! she's not so well off as you, though. new glasses (BIFOCALS!!! you can make fun of her, but only to her face) and severely dilated eyes really threw her for a loop. she couldn't even bead until late in the night. i'm glad your exam went well, and glad to hear you're motoring. backwards is cool. you don't want to be all conformist like your forward-going friends. be an individual. : )