What's Happening Hot Stuff?

Well, to answer your question...a lot! Joshnonia has successfully annihilated its enemies and inventoried the plunder.

I surprised Mom last week by going from sitting to all fours to circling around on my belly. She's not gunna know what hit her where I finally get my thunder thighs to coordinate with my arms.

Last week, after I slept through storytime - as in drove to storytime and slept in the car until it was over, thereby wasting what was probably only slightly less than $3 per gallon gas to drive across town only to nap, man, I'm lucky she loves me - we stopped by the "Got Milk?" tent downtown. Mom put a milk mustache on us and we got a mugshot. What I don't understand is why they asked if we wanted chocolate, strawberry, or regular. Huh? Are there more options? I only know of two and they taste the same.

This weekend we went to my friend Landry's first birthday party. I wore my new hat that Dad bought for me. Dad's been really busy lately trying to figure out who turned the lights off last Monday. I'm not sure why it is taking so long to find the culprit. I mean, dust the light switch, run the prints, and I.D. the guy. Or girl. They can do that in like 9 seconds on TV! Nevertheless, the suspense will soon draw to a close as the investigative report is presented at 9am tomorrow. Assuming we still have electricity to juice up the computer, I'm gunna watch him over at the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce in the morning.

This morning, Dad and I hung out while Mom had her teeth cleaned. Sounds like a hassle. I'm glad I don't have any. Then, Mom and I went to play at the park with some of my lady friends. You wouldn't believe some of the things they said. Even if I could talk, I wouldn't repeat them. I don't share secrets.

Well, I better close before Dad or Mom realize that I'm not really asleep. Thank goodness for laptops and wi-fi. There's no way I could post if I had to wrestle with cords between my crib slats. And of course, kudos to Kenny for drowning out the clicking keyboard. He's my kind of guy - always looking for some High Adventure.


Tsh said...

That's a great shot of Josh and Stella! Too bad we were leaving just as you guys were coming... It was fun to see you, but we really do need to hang out and catch up sometime!

joshblog said...

I so agree! I need to talk to Tate actually, so if you could entertain Mom for a while, that would be great. Wanna meet up at a park next week?