Headin' into Twilight, Spreadin' Out My Wings Tonight......

So Mom and Dad have recently figured out that I get to sleep the best when there's some music playing. Specifically, Kenny Loggins music. Who's that you say? Yep. Kenny Loggins. No, he's not dead..... why do people keep asking that? Yes, he still has the beard. And yes, that faint "Noooooooooooooo" sound in the background is Dad.

Somehow... and let's be clear, this is still under investigation.... we came into possession of Kenny's "Return to Pooh Corner" CD. Turns out, it really helps me get to, and stay, asleep. Without it, I'm just revin' up my engine, and Mom's listening to my howlin' roar. And the further on the edge I get, the hotter the intensity, baby.

In case you haven't noticed, naptime shall hereafter be officially known as the "Danger Zone".

Five reasons why the world is smaller than you think.

1. You can book Kenny as a speaker here. You can also book a speaker with the same last name as me. Your guess. I'll give you a hint. Think "J-diddy".
2. Kenny Loggins and Kenny Rogers are both singers named Kenny. Mom worked at a Kenny Rogers Roasters in high school and met him. Rogers, not Loggins. ("Stay away from the chicken! Bad chicken! Mess you up!") There are unconfirmed rumors that Kenny grabbed her butt. Again, Rogers, not Loggins.
3. Kenny sang the song "I'm Alright" which is at the beginning of the movie Caddyshack. Kenny Loggins drives Dad crazy. The movie Caddyshack drives Mom crazy. The universe remains in balance. Further evidence of intelligent design.
4. "Danger Zone" was a song in the movie Top Gun which was about Navy pilots. Uncle Dennis flies planes in the Navy. Plus, my ego often writes checks my body can't cash.
5. Kenny also sang the title song to the movie "Footloose". Footloose starred Kevin Bacon. Sheesh! That was too easy.

P.S. Nobody tell Dad that there is a sequal -- "More Songs from Pooh Corner". Maybe Aunt Steph will put it on my baby ipod....


Tsh said...

Hey Josh - Tate says that even though you might be writing checks you can't cash, you can be her wingman anytime.

joshblog said...

No Tate... you can be mine. Wow. That exchange sounds so much less gay when it's not between two dudes....

step said...

(hush a-bye, don't you cry, go to sleep, my little ba-by. when you wake, you shall have, all the pretty little hor-ses... lovely.)

josh, i have no regrets whatsoever about sending you that cd, even if dad secretly wants to punch me for it. i worked at chillun's world way too long, and the only good thing to come out of it (besides the best insult from a three-year-old's mouth ever: butt-weiner), and a few good memories of children long since grown up, is that cd. i STILL listen to it when i can't sleep, and i'm a full 27 years older than you. that cd is magic, i tell ya. dad has to come around - those songs will get stuck in his brain. direct him to the one(s) about kenny and his son (ahem - heartstrings anyone?). i have seen the sequel, but as of yet, don't own it. i have such an emotional attachment to the first, it might be a let down. hasn't your mom taught you about the law of diminishing returns yet? geez - you're seven months old - where's your copy of "the wealth of nations?"

: ) lovelovelove.