Heat Wave in Joshnonia

It was one for the record books - 101! I know that's not like Phoenix in July, but it is pretty hot for Joshnonia in April. It all started last Saturday with the appearance of a rash of unknown origin. I now know those were the spies scouting out the terrain of Joshnonia. On Sunday, the rash spread, the doctor advised that a viral infection was pending, and my armies put on their armor. The viral invasion was held back by the enthusiastic soldiers of Joshnonia...until last night. The persistent viral infection troops finally broke down the walls of Joshnonia.

Mom took me to the doctor again this morning. Turns out, my week of screaming at Mom and not sleeping has a good explanation. I have a sore throat, including blisters in the back of my throat. Ouch. Double Ouch. The doctor thinks the battle will rage on for another 5 days or so. It's out of control. I can't believe the backbone of Joshnonia has been broken. Please, as much as I know you want to, don't send your brave soldiers into this battle. Its one on one - quarantine time for Josh.

On the way home from the doctor's office, I feel asleep in the car. Since I haven't slept well lately, Mom kept driving. And driving. And driving. I woke up at the Super Walmart in Fredericksburg! (There's a Walmart on every corner of the universe, isn't there?) Mom said we were stopping for supplies. We got 2 jars of food for me, a package of spoons, a gallon of water, some baby Tylenol, a new pair of sunglasses for me (I out grew my other pair. The red marks on the side on my head and nose were a clue for Mom), and a turkey sandwich for Mom. M om fed me, changed my diaper, and changed my clothes (NEVER wear the clothes you wear to the doctor's office longer than necessary. You are only inviting trouble if you do) in the backseat of the car. I found some of Shadow's hair in the backseat, too. It just proves those you love are always near you. After Mom ate, we drove to Main Street and window shopped through 4 blocks of the stores. Then, we got back in the car and drove home. Weird, huh?

I had fun and I think Mom did, too. She said it was worth driving 150 miles so that I could have two long naps and be distracted from the burning pain in my throat. We spent the day together, without me screaming at her, in the sunshine. Mom got some quiet time in the car and saw all the wildflowers in bloom. Plus, it was an adventure. One of those rare, spur of the moment, I can't believe we did this, days we'll always remember. I wish we had the camera.


Tsh said...

We were at that WalMart in Frederickburg about a month ago, and I can't believe you just drove that today! While the situation is miserable, that actually sounds awesome. I love doing things like that. It wasn't that long ago that Kyle and I would take all sorts of random drives out of town so that Tate would sleep. We discovered tons of podunk towns. Ah, the memories.

Anonymous said...
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step said...

whatever you do josh, don't click on that anonymous comment. it's an attack of a different sort on joshonia. if i were you, i'd tell your IT guy (aka, dad) to delete it before something bad happens, like a sore throat with blisters on your hard drive.

sorry you're feeling punk, but i'm glad your mom had the brains (and the gas!) to just keep driving. i'll pray for your forces to overtake and eliminate the enemy very soon.

much love you you, baby.