The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round -- and almost fall off....

Day three of the battle of Joshnonia had its lows and highs today. Woke up still feeling pretty crappy (see pic). Still fevery. Still feeling blah. And the enemy, confident in its control over Joshnonia, had proceeded to invade one of Joshnonia's most trusted and valued allies, Dadtopia.

But the armies of Joshnonia counterattacked at noon, breaking the backbone of the fever just before the Steelers-Colts game -- and then Josh's mojo took over. Make it 3-0 for the lucky Steelers onesie that Uncle Jeff got me for Christmas. But an injury (otherwise known as poop) meant the onesie couldn't go in the second half. And let's see..... Colts made a second half comeback.... Coincidence???.... I think not.

But the stink of my diaper clearly played a factor in the outcome, as it first caused tears in the eyes of and blinded the ref who overturned Polamalu's clear and unmistakeable pic. Next, some additional collateral damage occurred when the Bus, catching a whiff of said diaper, fumbled trying to seal the deal. But the WMD that is my excrement finally hit its intended target, disorienting the Colts kicker enough to make him shank that field goal. That's right. When it needs brought, Josh brings it. I'm such a Steeler fan, I poop Steeler gold, baby. And I'm apparently a HUGE fan.

Postgame report. The fine medical staff of Joshnonia's other key ally, Momaria, was able to perform emergency triage on the lucky onesie, and it has been declared fit to start next week in Denver. Boo-yah!

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Tsh said...

Hey there! Welcome to the Wide World of Blogging. Sorry to hear Josh has a cold... It stinks when they're sick and there's very little you can do about it. Hope he gets better soon!