The Beauties of State Employment

So since Dad works for the state, he got Monday (Martin Luther King, Jr.) day off. He also gets tomorrow off because it is Confederate Heroes Day, which nearly always occurs on the same week as MLK day. Apparently, you are born with an understanding of irony, because even I get why that's messed up. But it's good for me, because he'll be home tomorrow to play with. We'll celebrate it as Heroes of the Battle of Joshnonia Day.

Speaking of, the Battle of Joshnonia continues, and the brave armies of Joshnona continue to beat back the horde of the enemy. The enemy has been cornered and surrounded at Mount Nostralia, with the unfortunate consequence of making it difficult to eat and breathe at the same time, but we will be victorious. Joshnonia's key ally of Dadtopia also appears to have overcome the enemy, but continues to battle the treacherous ally of the enemy - Cedar Fever -- which apparently isn't really a fever. Dad was very excited to hear that the cedar pollen apparently hasn't even peaked yet. And by excited, I mean not excited. Apparently the day before Confederate Heroes day is also Opposite Day, which starts to make the MLK/Confederate Hereos day thing make more sense.

Yesterday, as mom and I were playing, I discovered I have feet. Who knew? We were playing, and the all of the sudden, I noticed these little bears on my outfit at the bottom. I grabbed them, and, guess what.... feet! Go figure. Now all I need to figure out is how to get those bad boys into my mouth. It's their turn.

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Jim McClarty said...

very funny josh, I laughed out loud