That's the tooth

So the consensus around here seems to be that I'm starting to teethe. Consider the following:
  1. I have a perpetual v-shaped dark spot on my shirts from the Niagra Falls of drool that continuously runs down my face.
  2. Said drool is giving me a bit of acne on my face, and I'm assuming I will teethe before the onset of puberty.
  3. I gnaw on my hands all day.
  4. I gnaw on Dad's hands when he gets home.
  5. I gnaw on Mom when Dad's hands are not available.
  6. I gnawed on Mom's desk yesterday when neither she nor Dad's hands were available.
  7. I find myself thinking about gnawing on the dog.
  8. I had a slight fever yesterday and today.
  9. My butt is a little red-- possibly from my looser...er...how do I say this... "deliveries" - presumably caused by swallowing of copious amounts of drool - a plethora of drool, you might say.
  10. I usually look like this.
You make the call.

I was pretty fussy yesterday. But mom really appreciated it when Dad got home and I immediately switched to happy, giggly, smiley boy from whiny, grunty, unhappy boy. It was probably good that Dad stayed home with me while Mom went to the south-siders bible study. And I woke up wailing while she was gone--- so Dad got the full picture of the life of Josh. Balance was thereby restored to the universe.

I was much better today. I actually took a couple of naps by myself. It turns out that sleeping on top of Mom may not in fact be the most comfotable place to sleep. Hmmm. I also enjoyed Mom giving me a bath for the first time in awhile to day. We tried the kitchen sink, which I enjoyed much more than the tub. She said she took some pictures, but all I could find were shots of that whale that got stuck in the Thames river. Look at that blubber! Whew buddy!


step said...

perhaps a beggin strip would help...don't tell shadow.

Tsh said...

I love it! Whale shots are the best. Those are the only kind we have of Tate in the tub. Perfect blackmail for those boys who come knocking at the door (perhaps Josh one day?...). Sorry and happy to hear about the teething - I sympathize. May it be swift.

And I LOVE it when the universe aligns itself and the child cries when only Dad's around. So rarely happens.

sarah said...

so sad but oh so cute! love the bath photo of chubby chub... Landry also thinks plenty of reserves are a good thing.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful boy. Love the bath snap - sweet.Jack actually took a three hour nap today but that happens like once a week. Still, it was a blessing.

- Gypsy