First post -- first cold

Hi. My name is Josh. Joshua Henry to be precise. Props to my cool Aunt Stephanie for setting up my blog. She's not really my aunt, but it's easier than saying "my mom's friend who I've never met but understand that she thinks I'm really cute and that I should have my own blog and her name is Stephanie". So Aunt Stephanie it is. Maybe I'll even shorten it to Aunt Steph to save on a few syllables.

It's taken 19 weeks, but the enemy has invaded Joshnonia. That's right. I'm 16 pounds, 4 ounces of sick. Stuffy, runny nose sick. Puking up milk sick. Fussy sick. Fever sick. But at least I'm still good-lookin' .

Mom took me to the doc yesterday. Got prescribed "alot of love". Nice going genius. Our friend who's a pediatrician said we got gyped because we didn't even get free samples. Sheesh.

So Uncle Jeff is coming today. He really is my uncle. He looks alot like Dad, except with a goat. Dad actually had a goat since Christmas, and mom found that weird. I liked it, because it tickled when he blew raspberries on my belly. But it started looking like a dead racoon this week, so he shaved it off.

So mom and I are gonna roll to the HEB. Hopefully I'll conk out in the car, but I gots the fever, so who knows.


aunt step said...

i love it. i love you. all four of you, AND the random deer in the backyard.

: )

here's some love from az - i hope you're feeling better soon, joshie boy!

Tracy said...

love your blog, keep it up.