4-0 and Super Bowl Bound Baby!!!!!

That's right -- the lucky onesie saw the Steelers to victory once again (that, and a phenominal game by Big Ben). This time, the Broncos never knew what hit them when I launched the WMD attack in the first quarter. Thankfully, Dad's quick action prevented another game-ending injury to the onesie. It was literally a matter of milimeters (remember -- HUGE fan....). But with disaster averted, there was never any hope for Denver. I was so confident in victory that I decided to sleep through the fourth quarter... and the first quarter of the NFC championship... and through dinner.... What can I say, it rained today in Austin for like all of the second time that I've been alive, and it was a sleepy day. I even passed out in Sunday school with Mom and Dad this morning.

At this point, the only possible thing standing between the Steelers and "one for the thumb" is the potential that I will outgrow the onesie in the next two weeks. For most babies, that would be unlikely, given that it's size 6 mos, and I'll only be 5 mos old on Super Bowl Sunday.... but I've heard that my nickname in the NFL would be "Jumbo Josh".

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step said...

go steeltown!

i thought about you during the game, joshie. my gramma (your fake great gramma, sorta) rooted for those stupid horses, but me and cousin jeff (not uncle jeff) were pulling for your boys the whole time. that onsie is magic, baby.

<3 - aunt steph