In honor of the 1 month anniversary since Kip's birth, here are 10 things we have learned about Kip in his short time with us on the outside.

1. Kip likes to sleep. Thank you Jesus! The polar opposite of his big brother, Kip sleeps morning, noon, and night. I envision him being our just-5-more-minutes snooze button loving son. Josh just cannot get his mind around why Kip sleeps so much.

2. Kip likes to eat. If he's not sleeping, he's likely doing one of two things - eating and #3 on the list. At 4 weeks, he weighed 9 lbs, 9 ounces - 136% of his birthweight.

3. When Kip is awake, he usually has the hiccups. It is the sound that he makes most often.

4. Kip has good taste in music. His favorite is Caedmon's Call. This is an improvement over Josh's musical preferences during infancy.

5. Following in his brother's footsteps, Kip has reflux. Despite all the 2nd child hand me downs that he will surely endure, he can at least cling to the fact that he has a new handy dandy reflux wedge to sleep on that his poor brother never had.

6. When Kip is overtired, he flails his arms and bobs his head around. He gets overstimulated and can only relax in a very dark and quiet room. If he falls asleep during the "magic window" that all parents read about, then he can sleep like a log anywhere - regardless of the noise or light.

7. Kip loves being in my homemade Moby wrap. I predict that the wrap is to Kip what the sling was to Josh.

8. Like his big brother, Kip's birth heralds another Super Bowl for the Steelers. We shall swaddle him in our terrible towel.

9. My favorite face that Kip makes thus far is when he makes his lips into a tiny circle. He does it often and it always makes me laugh. He can make them nearly disappear.

10. Kip is laid back. He is much more like his dad (who also shares his ears, I think) than Josh or I (the slightly higher strung, anal duo).

It really is hard to believe that a month has passed. It feels more like 2 weeks. Of course, Kip has only been awake for the equivalent of a couple of days - not that I'm complaining!

Happy 1 Month Kip!

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Happy 1 month Kipper! :)