A Visual Representation

Joshua, on his own initiative, decided to create a visual representation of Kip's name - well, Kip's name according to Joshua: Kip Octain Gain Robert Lloyd

Kip = Kip himself
Octain Gain = the orange race car
Robert = my dad in the photo
Lloyd = he identified 3 Lloyd options - the picture of their dad, the picture of Joshua, or Joshua himself. I do not count because apparently my last name is "Mae Lloyd."

Joshua often reminds everyone that Kip has a very long name. Joshua is even bold enough to suggest that Kip's name is the longest name in Texas.

Needless to say, Joshua remains in love with his brother. He tells us that he loves Kip best - more than Brian and I. No problem with me.

Here's a recent picture of our sweet Kippernicus. He's 25 days old today and probably passed the 9 lb mark now.


gi-nette said...

What a great visual representation of Kip's name!

cheryl said...

Oh Josh! That's awesome.
Sweet pics. He's looking so big already.

aunt step said...

kippernicus - yes!! :)

i love that representation. you have just a slightly precocious child on your hands there.