It's not mundane anymore

I went to HEB yesterday. I know, big news, but I went alone with both boys! I've delayed leaving the house alone with both boys because anytime we left while Brian was home with us I ended up needing to feed Kip while we were out. I just haven't figured out how to nurse Kip and wrangle Josh in public without getting some indecency citation yet.

My confidence was built a little last week when Josh convinced me that we should meet some friends at a park for a picnic lunch. So, I fed Kip, got us all dressed, packed a picnic lunch, loaded us up in the car, and blammo - the car battery was dead. I unloaded everything and considered it a good dress rehearsal. It is possible to at least get us all in the car.

So, back to yesterday, I thought we could at least get to the HEB less than 2 miles from our house, even if we had to immediately turn around and come home. We needed to try. The "after bedtime" shopping trips are tough. So, we went and got all but one item! (We decided to nix the baking soda - when I remembered I didn't want to walk back across the store.) I was very impressed that we made it through the entire store (39 items) and that I was even able to do some coupon shopping (8.5% savings). We were gone for an hour and a half, which was nearly too long as Kip began fussing as we were walking out of the store.

When we got home I ended up feeding Kip before taking the groceries out of the car. Putting up the groceries delayed dinner for awhile, too. Oh well. It's all a work in progress - we'll get better. My plans for improving our performance are two fold - to accept the offer to help me out with the groceries and when possible, to shop while Josh is in preschool (he starts in 2 weeks, which is worthy of a whole other blog post). If someone loads the bags while I load the kid(s) we can improve our speed and my sanity.


Daryl & Diana said...

do you have to tip when they help you out to the car?

J-Man said...

I have no idea. Could I just give them a buddy buck? Seriously, tipping never crossed my mind. Hum.

cheryl said...

HEB's not allowed to accept tips. I've asked before.
Way to go Mel! ;o) Your time and efficiency will keep improving I have no doubt!

Rocky and Sunee said...

Yep, no tips for them which encourages me to take advantage of their help whenever I can :). Glad the trip went well all things considered. I'll have to take some tips from you in the next few months.