That one!

We've been reading Christmas books over and over and over again, which is par for the course for Josh. When he likes something, he really likes it. We've also been working the same 4 Christmas puzzles again and again. I am excited that he is excited about the Christmas story, but I sometimes have to remind myself that it is a blessing that he wants to talk about baby Jesus being born and the wise men coming to visit Him again and again.

This weekend we pulled out our Christmas decorations from the attic. As we decorated his little tree he "ooo'd" and "aahh'd" over all of the ornaments. He was especially interested in his nativity set. We put it on his little table next to his little tree. He arranges all the Little People so that everyone (including the animals) look at baby Jesus. He's obviously identified the star of the show. As we were playing he picked up the angel and made it fly through the air. This was our conversation:

- Josh flying the angel around

(Mom) - Was that angel sent from God?

(Josh) - Yes.

(Mom) - Does that angel have a message from God?

(Josh) - Yes.

(Mom) - What is the message?

(Josh) - That one. (Josh points to baby Jesus.)

Wow! I guess our reading, puzzles, and discussions are paying off!

Several times when we have talked about baby Jesus' birthday coming soon Josh has also made a point to ask about birthday cake (which to him means cup cakes). Well, of course baby Jesus needs birthday cake. Having birthday cake on Christmas isn't a bad tradition to start.

I have a feeling this Christmas will be very different than last year's for Josh. It is a lot of fun to see him forming an understanding of why we celebrate.

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