Shameless Plug for Aunt Steph

Aunt Stephanie flew in to visit us on Thursday. Since arriving, she's made two lasagnas, a batch of vegetable beef stew, 5 pounds of shredded seasoned chicken for tacos, nachos, and enchiladas, yummy guacamole, over 100 meatballs, and pumpkin spice muffins. She has a few days left, so we still have cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, kolaches, squash corn muffins, and bread to make. She's a great cook and I'm so glad we have a deep freezer to hold all of her yummy creations.

Did I mention that Aunt Steph is a starving student trying to make it through one more semester before graduation? Last year she sold baked goods so earn some extra money, but was too busy with school this semester to get her website up. If you have a need for baked goods or meals between now and Tuesday evening, she might be available for hire.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Pardon the commercial interruption.

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