The Color of the Season

Dad: So Josh, do you want a Christmas tree this year?

Josh: Ya

Dad: Really?

Josh: YA!

Dad: Well, what kind of Christmas tree?

Josh: A yellow one.

Dad: A yellow one?

Josh: YA!

Dad: Josh, I don't know if they make yellow ones.

Josh: A yellow one.

Dad: Well, we'll look for a yellow one, but if they don't have a yellow one, do you want a green one?

Josh: Um, no. G-daddy green one.

Dad: Well, I think G-daddy will have a green one, but do you want a green one for our house?

Josh: No, yellow one.

Dad: Well, do you want a big yellow one or a little yellow one?

Josh: Um, big one.

Dad: Josh, if they exist, a big yellow tree would be really tacky. How about a little one?

Josh: Big one.

Dad: Well, here's a little yellow one, do you like that?

Josh: A big one.

Dad: Josh, they don't have a big one, Mom asked. Is the little one ok?

Josh: A big one.

Mom: Here's a big orange one.

Dad: (silently glares at Mom)

Josh: A yellow one.

Dad: OK Josh, there aren't any big yellow ones, do you want the small yellow one?

Josh: Um, YAH!

And to all a good night.

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Toblerone said...

That is HILARIOUS! Josh and his colors.