I Love Tommy!

I love my cousin Tommy. He likes Cars. I like Cars. He plays with trains. I play with trains. His dad even looks like my dad. We both like to play with Pap-pap. I like Tommy so much that I let him enter my personal space; I held his hand and hugged him. Crazy, I know!

Tommy and I wore matching PJ's (thanks Grammie), held cars in our hands, and watched "Happy Feet" with Pap-pap and Grammie.

We wore matching outfits (thanks again Grammie!) to see Santa and ride on Santa's Express train. Tommy sat in Santa's lap. I opted out. (We have some differences, too.)

We rode the train three times.

Tommy and I were so inseparable that we even took a bath together.

I hope you are lucky enough to have a cousin Tommy, too!

I'm gunna go play with Tommy again soon.

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