Look at the village that I made! I made 5 different bag buildings and then allowed Little People to purchase the property. Due to current mortgage industry conditions, few Little People qualified for the loans. Too bad. Dad was concerned about the placement of some doors, but mom supported my creativity. In today's market, these Little People shouldn't complain. At least I gave them a fixed rate! I got the idea from my Highlights High Five magazine. If you notice in the back, I even made a tree. G-daddy collected the leaves when he was here earlier this month. I got the idea for the tree from Ella. Of course, I have my own ideas, too. I've been painting some original pieces. We only have one color paint, so I'm calling this series: BLUE. I told you that I'm original.


toblerone said...

That's actually pretty creative of him! Very avant garde.

Fun idea, too. We'd do that, except they don't have paper bags here. Think plastic grocery bags will work?

J-Man said...

I'll put some in a ziploc bag - gasp, the double layer of usefulness - and include them in a package to you sometime. :) The paper bags make great puppets, too.