Happy Birthday Aunt Steph!

Today is my Aunt Steph's birthday. I asked Mom how old Aunt Steph was and she started listing all the body parts I'd need to count that high - all my fingers, all my toes, both my ears, eyes, arms, legs....oh, geez. I stopped listening. I mean, what happens when I don't have any body parts left? Won't be long, right Aunt Steph? I love you!

Aunt Steph doesn't live nearby, but if I could, I'd give her a really big hug and slobbery kiss and then we'd play. Oh, and we'd send Mom to the kitchen to make birthday cake. Yum. Could be great. Maybe Aunt Steph needs to plan a trip to Joshnonia for her birthday next year.

Anyway, its nap time again. Gotta run. Not literally, of course. But I can crawl forward now! Full steam ahead!

Happy Birthday Aunt Steph!


step said...

aw - beautiful boy. thank you so much. more trips to joshonia, for sure. i mean, i love your mom and dad and all, but you're the coolest kid in austin, and i'd love to make some more baby food for you. just wait till you get bigger - i'm gonna teach you all the coolest tricks.

so, did you spell my name? cuz mom hasn't spelled it right in....holy cow - seventeen years. dang we're old. : )

joshblog said...

yes, i spelled it. my new - and accurate - fridge phonics helped me. "ph" sounds like "f" - silly mom forgets the "h." sometimes she's too efficient! i'm lucky i got to stay inside for all 40 weeks. hope you had a super duper day. love you!