Eastbound and Down, Loaded Up and Truckin'

The Josh-mobile is full on in high gear. That's right. I'm now crawling forward, although Dad says I still do it weird. It seems you're not supposed to keep one leg bent and flat on the floor while you push off on the other one like you're trying to "stand up" (whatever that means). But hey, it gets me around. See, I'm so fast, even the camera can't catch me baby!!!

Joshnonia has greatly expanded her territory... er... "area of influence"... with this newfound mobility. Rugland was easily taken in a matter of minutes. Once my initial hesitation due to the coldness of the concrete landscape was overcome, Downstairsia surrendered quicker than a Frenchman surrenders to the darkness when a lightbulb burns out. We have reports that the key strategic passage of Stairsida may be blocked off soon, but have no fear--- today the house -- tomorrow the world.

Nothing will stand in my way. Not even Dad..... MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

By the way, did you know:
  • "Smokey and the Bandit" (the title of this post is from the main song from that movie, for those of you who are confused) was the second-highest grossing movie in 1977. The highest grossing movie..... a relatively unknown film called "Star Wars". When Mom figures out which of those is more disturbing to her, I'll let you know.
  • For those of you unlucky enough to have never seen that classic movie (classic means the same thing as "good 'ol boy", right?), the Bandit is hired to make a run from Georgia to Texas to buy and transport a truck full of Coors beer, which, at the time, could not be legally transported across state lines because Coors only had regional distributorships. However, the Bandit and Snow Man (the truck driver) pick up the beer in Texarkana, Texas, which is in Bowie County. Bowie County is, to this very day, one of 46 completely dry counties in Texas, meaning you can't buy any beer there, Coors or otherwise. Oops.
  • You can use the letters in "Joshua Henry" to spell "Yeah Josh Run". Darn right Josh run. Josh run fast.


Tsh said...

Okay, we have a number of photos and some video footage of Tate sitting on me in that exact manner. And several times, it was directly on my face. While she was wearing her swimsuit. Which was still wet. Yep, they're MFEO. As in Made-For-Each-Other. As in, Sleepless in Seattle.

step said...

just watch old (joshy) run.

total classic. course, i was raised in a trailer.

go josh go!!!