Eight Things on My Eight Month Birthday

  1. I love my dog Shadow more than she loves me. Except when I have food on my face and I'm at "lick-level".
  2. I know that you should change tofu water once daily... now. Mom discovered this today and shared it with me. Why is this of concern? Because I've been eating tofu for about two weeks now. Funk-eeeee! That can't be good for anyone.
  3. My middle name is the same as my Dad's and means "Ruler of the Home". I have succeeded in that. Boo-yah!!
  4. I will be eligible to run for president in the year 2040 -- which happens to be an election year. Once elected, I will make "Meet Me Half Way" our new national anthem.
  5. If I ever start my own club, we will totally have a secret handshake.
  6. If anyone ever throws a green-bean grenade at you, fall on it and cover it with your face. It will save civilization as we know it. You're welcome.
  7. I have no moles, birthmarks, or other identifying marks on my body. Except for the Mom tattoo on my butt. No wait... that's dried poop. Nope, no marks. I better get working on some scars to avoid the "pretty-boy" tag.
  8. I am 242 days old. That means Mom and Dad love me 241 times more than they did when I was born. And we have certainly exceeded the 1,000 diaper mark, which somehow only equates to 32 Pampers Points.

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