Josh Likes Worms

Mom here. I've come to the conclusion that Josh is an early bird. His genetic code obviously mutated at some point during gestation because his Dad and I are charter members of the pro-sleep platform. No matter what we do he starts his day between 5:30 and 6am. Yes, he has slept until 7 or 8 or even 8:30am a handful of times during the course of his short life, but the vast majority of the time he is up even before the sun. We tried covering his crib with a tent (blankets and clamps, some assembly required) but it didn't help. We made his room extra dark with black fabric over the window and no dice. Last night, he went to bed 2 hours late (not planned, but a lengthy nap just before dinner time was not to be interrupted after the day we had) and he woke up at 5:30 this morning. So, this is Josh and we love him. Hopefully the time change this weekend will slip him up and he'll start sleeping in until 7am. Oh, when did 7am ever sounds so wonderful? I can't wait until our little early bird is a teenager.

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cheryl said...

Right there with you on the early morning thing! Mallory's always been an early riser too. We're also looking forward to the time change. I hope it helps. ;o) It's amazing how even an extra 30 minutes can make you feel like a new person. Who would have thought we'd be hoping to sleep 'til AT LEAST 6:30! Welcome to parenthood, huh? As much of a bummer as it can be to have our sleep cut short, it really has been great to spend that sweet time as a family before daddy has to go to work in the mornings.